Our Practice

At Cayman Neurology and Pain Management, we approach our patients as individuals. We specialize in treating conditions of the brain, nerves, and muscles, such as headaches, dementia, as well as back and body pain. Our goal is to accurately diagnose and treat each of our patients’ neurological and pain issues in the manner best suited to their needs, while minimizing risks. We designate as much time as necessary to perform a thorough evaluation. Our diagnostic and therapeutic equipment is state-of-the-art and is regularly updated. Our physicians have exceptional credentials and continually reinforce their expertise and training as the medical field advances. Our office staff is trained, kind, courteous, professional, and accommodating. This approach allows us to provide the highest quality of treatment and overall patient experience.

“ I had a fantastic experience. All my concerns were addressed, all arrangements for my tests were very efficient and most important — I was helped and feel better. Very grateful, definitely recommend.”

Thomas L., Cayman Islands

“ I received more time and attention here than in any other medical office I’ve ever been to. Very satisfied with treatment and results. The staff is the most helpful in my experience. Highly recommend.”

Alex G., Georgetown, Cayman Islands

Our Practice

We have a personal approach to individual patients, and customized treatment plans that address each patients’ needs.

Our Doctors

Our physicians have extensive experience in properly diagnosing and successfully treating all types of neurological disorders.

Our Specialties

Our offices are staffed by experienced and dedicated professionals who are accommodating, courteous, and are there to help you.

Our Locations

All of our locations are outfitted with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to help us provide quality care.