Memory Loss

Everyone has memory issues. Occasionally losing your keys or forgetting where you left your phone may be nothing more than a normal symptom of aging. However, there is a marked difference between normal memory slips and having a medical memory issue. Sometimes, serious memory issues may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s or another medical condition. Seeking a doctor’s opinion is the best way to check your memory issues.

Evaluating Memory Problems

The first step to determining if your memory problems are indicative of a larger issue is to determine their impact on your life. Normal changes in memory are minor nuisances and do not impact a person’s everyday life. However, memory problems that make it difficult to perform everyday tasks or inhibit a person’s ability to socialize may be a symptom of a larger issue.

Causes of Memory Loss

There are many things that may result in temporary and reversible memory loss including:

• Prescription Medication – Memory loss can be a side effect of certain prescription medication. The issue should resolve once the medication is no longer used.

• Head Injury – A head injury can result in memory issues. Memory can return to normal levels once the brain heals.

• Mental Health Issues – Mental health issues can manifest in a number of ways including confusion, forgetfulness, and memory loss.

• Alcohol or Drug Abuse – Excessive use of drugs and alcohol changes brain chemistry and can result in memory loss.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are medical conditions that directly affect the brain and can cause memory problems. Symptoms of these issues include:

• Getting lost easily or being unable to find your way home

• Having trouble using the correct words to describe things or situations

• Repeating the same questions

• Mood and behavior changes

• Taking longer to perform simple, everyday tasks

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