Carpal Tunnel Steroid Injections

Carpal tunnel syndrome is essentially a pinched nerve in the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when pressure is placed on the median nerve, which runs through a narrow passage way known as the carpal tunnel. When that tunnel is narrowed, it places pressure on the nerve, which results in the feelings of numbness and pain. Steroid injections can address the inflammation and pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. The injection can also provide relief to pain sufferers as well.

Steroid Injections for Carpal Tunnel

Steroid injections for treating carpal tunnel can be beneficial if other methods, such as over the counter medication are unsuccessful. It also allows a progression between treatment methods before looking to more invasive methods like surgery. Additionally, steroid injections provide a line of sight into determining if a patient is a good candidate for surgery. Individuals who find relief from steroid injections are often found to be good candidates for surgery.

During the Procedure

Prior to the scheduling the procedure, your doctor will speak with you about carpal tunnel steroid injections and what to expect during the process. You’ll be given specific information about your medications and what you need to do in order to prep for the procedure. You may also be asked for an updated medical history to ensure everything is considered before scheduling the procedure. During the steroid injections:

• You will be in a seated position for the procedure

• The technician will clean your wrist before beginning

• You will be given an injection of a local anesthetic

• The technician will use a syringe that is filled with the steroid

• While sitting with your palm facing up, the syringe will be placed into the carpal tunnel and the steroid injected

• The syringe will be removed and a bandage placed

The process will take less than a half hour. You’ll be provided with specific information regarding follow up and when to return to normal activity.

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