Treating Medical Conditions with injections

Neurotoxin Treatment for Medical Issues

Neurotoxin is now routinely used in the treatment of pain and other medical issues. Issues that may be resolved by Neurotoxin injections include:

• Headaches -Neurotoxin injections have been clinically proven to improve migraine headaches. The treatment includes as many as 39 injections in the face and neck. Some individuals may not find relief immediately and may require additional treatments to find relief. The benefits of these injections should last for many years.

• Arthritis – There are a number of types of arthritis, each of which with their own symptoms. Arthritis affects the joints and can result in chronic pain that is unable to be treated with over the counter medications.

• Back Pain – Studies have shown that treating back pain with the use of Neurotoxin injections can result in relief for up to four months.

• Neuropathy – Neuropathy, also referred to as nerve pain, is pain that can affect the hands, feet and legs. Research shows benefit when a Neurotoxin injection is administered just under the skin in the affected area.

• Excessive Sweating – Excessive sweating is more than just a nuisance. Individuals with hyperhidrosis can sweat uncontrollably even in cool temperatures. Neurotoxin can be used to paralyze the nerve that sends the signal to the brain to sweat.

During the Neurotoxin Injection Process

The doctor will review what to expect during the injection process. Although individual instructions will vary, the use of blood thinners must be stopped before the procedure is done.

Most people are able to handle the injection site discomfort that is associated with receiving Neurotoxin injections. However, a number of options are available to numb the body before treatment including creams, cold spray and a local anesthetic. Before beginning the process the area where the injections are to be made will be cleaned. Then, a thin needle will be used to place the Neurotoxin under the skin or in the muscle as warranted by your medical condition. Once the procedure is done, you may immediately resume your normal activities.

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