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At Cayman Neurology and Pain Management, we approach our patients as individuals. We specialize in treating conditions of the brain, nerves, and muscles, such as headaches, dementia, as well as back and body pain.

Our physicians have exceptional credentials and continually reinforce their expertise and training as the medical field advances. Our office staff is trained, kind, courteous, professional, and accommodating. 

Pain Management

Our Long Island office is located at 2965 Long Beach Rd. Oceanside, New York 11572. It is easy to get to via public or private transportation. It includes a parking lot and reserved handicap spaces. Nearby, there are several places to enjoy a nice meal. There are shopping centers and banks close by. The area itself is relatively quiet, pleasant and very welcoming.


Our Manhattan office is located at 1035 Park Avenue, on the corner of East 86th St. It is easily accessible via public transportation. Because it is in the heart of New York City, there are several areas nearby that you may consider visiting. Be it to relax, enjoy a meal, or shop, our Manhattan location is conveniently located to allow you to do all of the above and more.

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A seasoned team of expert neurologists and pain specialists with compassion in caring for people with neurological disorders


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